The effects of massage therapy on dysmenorrhoea caused by endometriosis

I have many clients who suffer from painful  periods but none so far have mentioned endometriosis. I was therefore interested to read this research paper. It finds that massage  has a measurable effect in reducing dysmenorrhoea due to endometriosis.


Not only was there a measurable reduction in pain immediately following the treatment but there was still a reduction in pain after six weeks. The implication of this is that regular monthly massage treatments is likely to be effective in reducing pain due to the above condition.

This does not mean that massage and or aromatherapy can replace conventional medical treatment and if there is reason to suspect a serious problem medical advice should still be sought. However both where the threshold for medical treatment is not reached and when awaiting medical treatment massage can play an important part in reducing pain. It would be interesting to see further research combining the treatment outlined in the paper with essential oils such as Lavender which has been demonstrated to help compared to massage alone in period pain though I don’t know of any studies done including endometriosis.

So if you suffer from period pain, whether or not endometriosis is involved and live in or near Cambridge, why not book an Aromatherapy Massage by phoning 07939273569 or email