One of the things I pay a lot  of attention to in my clients is their skin. By that I don’t mean just that my hands are in contact with it all the time I am massaging them but rather even when I first meet them I notice whether it is dry, smooth, greasy etc. Very occasionally I will get a client who is on long term steroid therapy which can lead to the skin becoming very thin and fragile. The sort of massage I normally give is impossible with them and I give a much more gentle form of massage which is probably closer to what most aromatherapists give, my normal style being a bit more vigorous than some of my peers though not in the same league of pressure as used by some sports massage therapists.

I mostly use coconut oil which is very nourishing for the skin but sometimes I will use walnut. Many essential oils benefit the skin too including Rose, Geranium and many others. With greasy skin I will often use lemon oil and I will often use a slice of lemon that has been squeezed on my hands if I need to get rid of grease after working on my bicycle.

Strangely, I have yet to have a client mention their skin as a reason for coming for massage, despite it being the largest organ of the body and so important both as a sensory organ and as protection from infection etc.