Yuzu – a new oil for depression.

My professional association’s members Facebook page had a post yesterday about this oil. It is a member of the citrus family and has a smell like a cross between bergamot (a favourite of my own and a number of my clients) and mandarin. It is also much lower in the chemical constituent that makes bergamot risky if going out in strong sunlight or using sun beds afterwards. However when using it I will still caution clients as the website of my local supplier still warns to beware of photo-sensitivity.


I will get some of this oil to try out next time I buy some more oils and I particularly expect it to be useful with individuals who pressure themselves a lot, worry and or suffer from depression.  I also expect to use it with clients who feel blocked from moving on in their lives. A number of my fellow therapists who have tried it say that they really love it.

The oil is also anti-fungal which and so could also be used in preparations for athletes foot etc.

The oil is prepared by cold pressing of the skin of the fruit, with the greatest concentration being in the zest.