Massage for Adolescents

The project in Huntingdon is coming together. Once I get DBS (used to be Criminal Records Bureau can’t remember what the current acronym stands for) check through I will be working using aromatherapy with young people in a project aimed at reducing presentations with self harming behaviour and through not knowing where else to go at the Accident and Emergency department in Huntingdon.

In my private practice, I only see under 16s either at home in Trumpington or at the Salus clinic in Central Cambridge at least for the first appointment with a parent present.

I am looking forward to this as it will join up my skills in massage and aromatherapy with my experience in child and adolescent mental health. I am also looking forward to seeing what else comes of this venture.

I would love to see more of this type of client in my private practice as I believe it can make a real difference to young people in a society where professionals are becoming increasingly afraid of using touch with young people.

So if you are a young person who would like to experience massage and aromatherapy or the parent of one who believes it may help (and the young person agrees to it!) do get in touch or 07939273569