Sats, Exams, Stress, Performance.

I was at a meeting last week where one of those present was talking about the stress her twins had been through in choosing their options for subjects to take at GCSE level. This is coupled with rarely if at all has there been a week when schools has not been a subject on the national news on the BBC.

Of course stress around studying and exams is not limited to those attending school, and certainly not in a city like Cambridge with two universities, both of which have been expanding over recent years.

Let me start by saying that anxiety about these things is not bad! It is only when it becomes excessive and or prolonged that it becomes a problem. If crossing a road, I see a car approaching me at speed that I had somehow missed when I started to cross,  I either step back quickly or speed up my crossing. Anxiety is part of the process that makes me do this.

So, how can Aromatherapy help in this? Firstly, if the anxiety is prolonged as is often the case when there is a long period where many exams are to be sat then an aromatherapy massage using Frankincense and or some other oils can give relief. Also using oils like lavender, and geranium in a burner or vapouriser can help reduce anxiety.
If the anxiety is based on a realistic fear that material will not be adequately remembered, then the use of Rosemary essential oil while studying has been shown to increase recall later. Bitter orange or Bergamot are good oils to use if the difficulty is in getting started with revision or studying.

And of course, what better way to have a treat after the exams are all over than to have a relaxing ninety minute Aromatherapy Massage? or phone 07939273569