Deliberate Self Harm

This is a subject that has been talked about a few times on both national and local news in the UK over recent weeks. As a former mental health nurse, it is something that I have come across a lot in the past but I still see it even though I have not worked directly in the field for a few years. As I go back into the field it will again become a feature of my work,  as the project I will be working on is one designed to reduce the  number of young people attending an accident and emergency department with this problem.

Some of the figures presented in the news are shocking: One in four teenage girls have deliberately cut themselves.
Using massage and aromatherapy  in this project will be interesting to say the least, however because the project will be using several other interventions, it may be difficult t attribute results to any one part of the project.

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Essential oils I expect to be using are Rosemary and Vetiver (both of which have a good evidence base when it comes to ADHD), Citrus oils which are widely regarded in the profession as having a use with depression, Rose and Jasmine which are both helpful for emotional healing, particularly if there has been abuse and or bereavement.

Some young people choose to write messages on themselves rather than self harm and this is a strategy that I have encouraged in the past, though in a public setting perhaps writing on an arm that can be covered would be better if the young person wanted to avoid unwanted attention.

However things turn out, I am excited to be doing something that might address some of the problems leading to the epidemic of self harm among young people. I would love to see similar projects rolled out around the country and with that in mind will be giving this one in Huntingdon everything I can.