Multiple Sclerosis.

I have two clients with this condition. I should make it clear that I am not treating the condition, indeed the MS trust and a number of other organisations that I found on an internet search made it very clear that there is no high quality research evidence for any essential oils that can treat MS.

That said, there are oils that can help with relaxation, sleep and muscle spasm for instance that are all problems that sometimes go with MS. The important thing for me as a therapist is that I listen to my client and work in a safe way. That means if I haven’t heard of a medication a client is using, I either research it myself or check out with their doctor before treating them using essential oils usually both!  So far, I have yet to be told by a doctor that I shouldn’t use any particular oil that I proposed using though I have sometimes refrained from using some based on my own research and applying the precautionary principle.
I was pleased when doing an internet search to find I had to go beyond the first page of results before I found any  dubious claims for the use of essential oils and while some sites described treating MS, further reading showed that what they meant was providing symptomatic relief and my quibble was more with their use of language than what they were actually suggesting!