Mindful Massage and Aromatherapy

Mindfulness is something many of my clients practice as do I. Any essential oil can be used as part of a mindfulness exercise but there are three essential oils that I find particularly help in focussing the mind and these are ones I often use with clients who want help in being grounded.

Frankincense has been used in this regard for millennia in Temples and Churches of many faiths. Myrrh has also been used in this way as well as its use both as a herb to be burned at funerals and its use in embalming. The third Oil for this is Vetiver. It has also been used as a temple incense but it is little known outside the world of Aromatherapy.Any of these oils or combination of a them can be used in this regard.

I find it very moving when a client practices mindfulness when receiving a massage, paying attention to the sensations in her body and just noticing what emotions if any come up.