As an Aromatherapist and Massage practitioner, I choose the oils and massage routines for my client with them and their aims in mind.

What do I do if these goals aren’t being met? Perhaps the most obvious thing is to review the above with my client. Sometimes this is done and we still think I am doing the best I can for them.

It is important to remember that as with any therapy sometimes another factor is needed – Time. Antibiotics can work in days but sometimes with TB and a few other diseases months are needed. Many attend psychotherapy for years though this isn’t always needed.

When I worked with adolescents, sometimes it was felt by the teams I worked with, our main job, rather than the different therapies in use was keeping them alive long enough to do some growing up and development.

So, sometimes, I need to allow myself to let the work happen at the clients’ pace, even if that is sometimes frustrating for both of us.

The above does not necessarily mean my client is unhappy with my treatment, just that some processes like grief take time.  A client may have  a long term goal that takes time while the short term goal may be just dealing with the feelings that come up.img_20170126_160347