Attention Seeking

“Attention Seeking” is a dirty word or possibly words! This was especially true in the world of mental health within the NHS which I used to inhabit. I would love to see this change.

A lot of people for a variety of reasons go to accident and emergency departments when there is no medical need for them to do so, often with things that I wouldn’t even do anything about if it were myself, never mind seek professional help.  (My threshold for seeking help is admittedly high because I have an above average knowledge of medical matters.) These people while complained about do not get the label, “attention seekers.” Neither do those who present regularly with sports injuries. Yet those who self harm regularly have this label applied to them in a derogatory  way which ignores their very real need.

As an aromatherapist, I do not get many who self harm coming to see me, possibly because those with mental health problems often end up having little money to spare. However I suspect another reason is that they are afraid that they will be judged. Having spent over twenty five years working in mental health and having a strong belief that those who seek attention do so because they need it puts me in a strong position to work with these individuals with the proviso that if what I learn in a session means their lives are at risk or others are at risk I will act on that information though not without informing them first unless that would significantly increase the risk.

All of us need positive attention and caring so as an aromatherapist I will see those who self harm and accept them, though I will not massage over open wounds. I will use lavender oil and massage over scar tissue which can help reduce the visual impact of this over time.

If you have been put off massage and or aromatherapy because of a fear you will be judged, why not give me a call on 07939273569 or email