Time to Listen.

Most appointments with a GP at our surgery and from what I gather all the others in Cambridge are just 10 minutes though at ours at least, it is possible to request a longer appointment of 20 minutes.  As an aromatherapist, my standard initial consultation time is half an hour, allowing an hour for the actual massage. Some clients like to tell me more during the massage though others prefer silence.

I am sure that this is a large part of why some people like complementary therapies. (I was asked yesterday to fill in a survey about, “Alternative Therapies” and explained in it that I prefer the term, “Complementary.” In it I said that if I break a leg or arm for instance, Aromatherapy is not gong to set the broken bone however skilful I or another therapist is at choosing the right oils! What Massage and Aromatherapy can do however is support healing to take place afterwards.

I also have a strong belief in the need for everyone to feel heard. If you see your GP and they fully understand your problem, that is not enough. They have to communicate well enough that you know that is the case or that they don’t fully understand if that is the case.

While not always true, I would say that it is much easier to provide that understanding and communication in a longer session.

While I strongly believe in the power of Aromatherapy especially when combined with massage, it would be foolish to deny that a part of why some clients like my sessions is that they are given the time they need.img_0764