Coconut Oil

I use by preference, raw organic coconut oil as the carrier oil in my massage and aromatherapy practice. Over five years, I have had one client complain that the coconut smell was too strong. In contrast, when for a while, I used the steam treated one (this gets rid of the strong coconut aroma) I had about half a dozen clients say that they actually preferred the raw untreated oil and liked the aroma from it.

This link gives a list of properties of coconut oil. Some of which such as being better than some propitiatory products for getting rid of head lice I have no trouble believing. Others have only been tested on animals or at least that is all the web page refers to.  Others are to do with taking the oil orally so not relevant to my practice.

What I do find is that it is a nourishing oil for the skin and also conditions hair really well. I have been told that its use also stops/slows greying hair but have no evidence to back this and suspect that the way things are going, I will run out of hair before it greys! (It is already too late for it to work on my beard.)

I also use this oil to judge the temperature of the room I do massage in. (If the oil is liquid at room temperature, there is no need for me to heat the room!