Was the cricketer who forced his wife to drink bleach spared prison because his wife was “too intelligent”?

Interesting to see this dissected by someone who understands the legal facts rather better than I do. The bottom line is that he still got off lightly and given that it seems he lied in court about having an offer from Leicestershire County Cricket Club, he may well be recalled for re-sentencing and or charged with attempting to pervert the course of Justice.

The Secret Barrister

A quick one for tonight. Several tweeters have today wondered, queried and thundered about a news report hot out of Manchester Crown Court, which tells of an amateur local cricketer who assaulted his wife with a cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach, and who, in the typical tabloid argot, Walked Free From Court.

How, people have understandably wondered, can this be?

The case takes on an even more inscrutable pallor when one reads in national reports that the sentencing judge, HHJ Mansell Q.C., announced that the factor influencing his decision against gaoling the defendant was that the victim was university-educated, and was therefore not considered to be “vulnerable”.

What the heck is going on?

The offences

Reported facts in Crown Court sentence hearings are invariably incomplete, selective and, occasionally, simply plain wrong. I once read in a local newspaper, to my surprise, that I had invited a court to lock up…

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