For the past few days spring has been in the air, full of the promise of a bountiful harvest. Everything is growing at a pace, the cherry blossom in the community orchard is suddenly in full bloom and the bees are active, bringing in both pollen and nectar in abundance. This is a time of year when we are busy on the allotment, in the garden and, shortly the busiest weekend of the year for the garden centres, (Easter Weekend.)


This means hundreds of people in Cambridge and thousands around the country will be digging to put their potatoes in and for other gardening projects. (The old hands will have done most of their digging in the autumn.) Others of us following permaculture principles will be following the principle of digging as little as possible!

And inevitably some will be doing this exercise when they are not used to it without warming up properly or stretching afterwards. If that sounds familiar to you then perhaps you should think about booking a massage or two in order to get your body in shape for this busy season in the garden and on the allotment?


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