The Bay Tree

This is one of my favourite aromatic plants. Laurus Nobilis to give it its Latin name is an evergreen tree/shrub which can grow up to 20metres in height. It is an oil that like rosemary benefits the memory and those with nervous debilitation or lacking in self confidence. It is one of the oils that I often use for clients with M.E. Of course some of  the benefits of this oil can be obtained from using the leaves in cooking!

However while an important oil among the therapeutic range, I love it for the tree it is in my garden! IMG_1678I particularly love this tree  at this time of year when it is in flower, providing both pollen and nectar for insects, primarily bumblebees, though occasionally I see my own bees going to it. This may depend on temperature which can affect the amount of nectar produced both by it and by other flowering species at this time. (The oil seed rape (junk food for bees) is in flower at the moment!)