Emotional Intelligence

This was the heading on a leaflet that came through our door this morning. It was advertising for what looks (without checking like a counselling service. It states that one in four of us suffer from, “emotional difficulties.” Without any references it is not easy to discern what this figure means – in a lifetime I would guess the figure is closer to 100%! I don’t know if it means at any one time or what.  Certainly if I choose those I know the figure is far higher and likewise if I choose my clients as a cohort.

What I do know is that there is a wide spectrum of things that can help, though those involving a second person rely more on the relationship formed with that person than on the style of therapy involved.

In my aromatherapy practice I aim to provide a nurturing environment and my clients can give as much detail about their problems as they are comfortable with. While I am not working as a psychotherapist, I do bring my skills in that area to my practice along with my knowledge of massage and essential oils.  One of the most important things to me is that my clients are comfortable in being open with me and if they do  get upset during the consultation or the massage that is not a problem. I will notice this but it is up to them whether they talk about it or not.04