General Election 2017

A General Election followed by a referendum and next month local elections then a month later another General Election.

Many people I know are fed up of this despite the possibility of going against the polls and getting a result more in keeping with their desires. Not the least of those feeling fed up are some of the various party members who were hoping for a rest from campaigning after the local elections.

I am not denying the importance of these matters, indeed, I think these elections are extremely important but I also think it important that no one burns themselves out in campaigning for what they believe in, something all too easy to do.

Nurturing oils such as Jasmine will play a part as will Rose but also oils to combat feelings of doubt and depression if things are looking bleak. Rosemary and Citrus oils might be important.

However even more important is that I want all my friends to keep a balance in their lives and not get so consumed by politics that they end up suffering because of it. I will be encouraging them all to take time out and rest and have time for themselves as well as fighting for what they believe in and that will apply as much to my friends whose belief is in a different political direction from my own.

Much as I might disagree with them, I also respect their honestly held beliefs.