Nature jottings from Tyneside

Four days around Tyne and Wear provided me with an opportunity to spend some time cycling and walking in nature. The allium family are not the first that spring to mind when one talks of aromatherapy or essential oils,  yet they do have a distinctive scent and are also very useful in maintaining health.

IMG_1758.JPGThese are Ramsons, which can be used to impart a mild garlic flavour to both salads and cooking. They grow in woodland, more often than not where the soil  is rich in humus so  it retains moisture well.

IMG_1760I particularly enjoyed the trees and the largely blue skies though the temperature was a  lot lower than it had been the previous weekend.

And while there was plenty of evidence if one  looked for it of Tyneside’s industrial past, today it is one of the  nations cleanest rivers, though I suspect a trifle cooler than this picture suggests!

IMG_1807.JPGThe bridge, now part of a cycle track was the first of its kind, the single  span design having been chosen after one with four pillars was rejected as it might weaken the roof of the mine workings under the river.