90 Minutes for a Massage Appointment?

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Why do I offer a standard appointment time of ninety minutes rather than an hour as many other therapists do?

The short answer is that, I consider this the minimum time needed to give a full body aromatherapy massage treatment including consultation time. If you think about it, many of my clients need five minutes at the end of a session to lie on the couch before getting dressed, talking about anything that came up for them during the session,and arranging any subsequent appointments. If you add on the time at the start for consultation and getting undressed prior to the massage, that is at least fifteen minutes gone from the hour and forty-five minutes really isn’t enough for a full body massage treatment.

If I feel rushed I am not going to give as good a treatment though if clients want I do still offer one hour sessions. More importantly is that I feel  it is important that my clients do not feel rushed. I do not want to replicate the ten minute appointment time that is all many manage with their GP. Indeed, I have had clients request two hour sessions when they want some more intensive work on a particular area of the body as well as the full body treatment. This last allows for a thorough consultation every time with clients who have a need to talk more prior to the session,  followed by a massage that lasts for over ninety minutes. My standard ninety minute session ensures a massage lasting well  over an hour and a minimum of one hour even for a first appointment.

So if you want a massage that gives you the time you need, do contact me on 07939273569 or email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com

Cost is only £55 for the ninety minutes compared with £45 for one hour so the longer session is better value for money too!