Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health is something most of us take for granted. Only a small minority do anything active to improve their mental health.Indeed, seeing a therapist, or GP because of mental health issues is still too often seen as a sign of weakness. This is especially true of Northern Europe where the ethos of being strong and not letting emotions show is prevalent. In Britain there is the saying of the, “Stiff upper Lip.” Other countries have equivalent sayings.

In Britain, this spills over into physical conditions and compared to France or other Latin countries, it is very unusual to hear people talking about their bodies unless it is the context of dieting or a physical injury. Constipation appears to apply to the mind as well as the bowels!

Massage, other than sports massage is seen as, “a bit strange,” and viewed with suspicion by many who equate it with sex.

Where does aromatherapy fit in with this? There are essential oils that can help the individual to become much more grounded such as Frankincense and Vetiver. Rosemary can improve memory and concentration. Bergamot and other citrus oils can help with depression. and there are many more oils that have psychological functions as well as physical ones.

So for Mental Health Awareness Week, why not see how an aromatherapy appointment can help you relax or improve in concentration. And before doing so, pay attention to when you notice the aroma from some of the trees in flower at the moment. Notice what effect if any it has on your mood. Notice also how an unpleasant aroma affects your mood.