Attention Seeking (Again!)

It is only a few weeks since I wrote about this but I now feel compelled to do so again. Last week two people on my Facebook feed apologised for posts that might have been seen as attention seeking.

How many of us do not require positive attention from others? In my experience, not many. If we are in distress because of a broken arm we need the right sort of attention. The same is true if we are suffering from emotional distress of any kind. We all need to be working towards a society that does not punish those who are in emotional distress. That punishment is what leads too many to believe that they do not deserve the attention they need, be that someone to listen to them, a hug or a massage, possibly all three!

Two oils that particularly come to mind for the individuals I am thinking about are Rose to heal the underlying emotional injury and Clove which helps us to be more accepting of ourselves and reduces the desire to push others away.

If you feel an aromatherapy massage with someone who will really listen to you would be helpful, call 07939273569 or email