General Election 2017

Amidst claims of false news, deliberate falsification of expenses in both the last election and the referendum, it is easy to see why so many are disillusioned with politics and do not vote. Well it is until one looks at the  facts.

Theresa May is increasingly behaving like Donald Trump. She talks, not about the Conservative party plan but HER PLAN. She stated clearly not that many months ago that there would not be an early election. Now she has gone back on her word. She has stated that the aim is still to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands but refuses to cost this or say when the aim is to achieve it by.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand described the manifesto he unveiled as belonging to his party. There is much I like about what the Labour party promise but there are still too many of the Blairite faction there for me to even think of voting for them again. I was also less than impressed with his statement today that  Labour would keep a nuclear deterrent even though he would never use it.

To me, while infinitely better than the Tory statement this week that refused to rule out a pre-emptive strike, is still a criminal waste of money.

In fact the only party I personally can consider voting for is The Green Party. They are the only ones putting the environment where it belongs on the agenda. They are also promising to stop privatisation of the NHS. – Something Labour also promise but against the background of having encouraged privatisation of some services under Blair. They are the only party that I can see who will really stand up for both social justice and the environment and unless someone stands up for the latter, the former will go down the pan as it is the poorest who will suffer most if Global Warming is not brought under control.