Child and Adolescent Mental Health Radio4

I listened to, “You and Yours” today and to say I was shocked at what I heard would not be an understatement.

You & Yours has seen the results of a survey of NHS psychotherapists, which reveal wide concern over the state of services for some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people. In a study of nearly 2,000 NHS clinicians, almost 84% said mentally ill children now need to be more sick than in previous years to get any help at all. More than half said their overall service was inadequate. One mother tells us that her severely anxious seven year old daughter was turned away from a mental health unit because she wasn’t ill enough. We examine why so many services are struggling and how children can best be helped.

A young child who was first referred to CAMH with severe anxiety aged five, has still not had any help at age 7! I had no doubt listening to the child’s mother that this individual should have been offered help because of the impact it was having on her life. The mother had been told that only children who were self harming or suicidal would be seen and that anxiety was not in their remit.

What this method of rationing services ignores is that a young person like this is much more likely to end up suicidal in a few years time to the point where she may need Tier IV (Specialist in-patient treatment.) This would be far more expensive than treating her as an outpatient two years ago would have been.

To return to my opening statement, I knew that rationing of services had got worse, those coming to in-patient units such as the one I worked at were more ill than they used to be because treatment was starting later. This was true, five years ago. What I am learning is that it is even more so now and not just in CAMH services but also in Adult Mental Health Services.

I also see this in my Aromatherapy and Massage practice, Mostly adults but also the occasional young adult accompanied by a  parent come to me for problems such as depression and anxiety that ten years ago would have been severe enough for them to get an appointment with mental health services. Now they are told they are not ill enough. Some of these are ill  enough that were it not for my experience in mental health nursing I would not be willing to take them on in my private practice. While I enjoy working with this client group, that does not detract from my anger that they are not able to get the service they deserve from our NHS. I would far rather work with them providing something extra to the counselling and psychotherapy they should be getting than as a replacement service.

As it is, depression and anxiety are two  of the biggest reasons clients come to see me and this is reflected in the essential oils I use most. – Bergamot, Vetiver, Frankincense, other Citrus oils and Chamomile.


If you need the time that NHS services are not able to provide, need someone who will offer a treatment based on listening to you and your expert knowledge about your own reasons for coming and will accept you as you are then contact me on

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