Working in Aromatherapy of Psychotherapy is often about waiting. When I worked in a therapeutic community for Adolescents while with some of the young adults, there was clearly a specific piece of therapeutic work which contributed to their  moving on and being able to get on with their lives, with some it seemed our main task was to keep them safe for long enough to just grow up a bit. This may seem very passive but in reality, making and maintaining an environment that was psychologically safe enough for the bridge to adulthood to be crossed  entailed a lot of hard work (as all parents will know!)


I am talking about waiting now that one particular piece of waiting has come to an end this week. – I now have a DBS check for starting work doing massage and aromatherapy with adolescents in a project aimed at reducing attendance at Accident and Emergency with problems relating to self harm. The project aims to help young people to be able to find places where they can find help without resorting to this, and of course to increase their own resilience so that they do not need as much help. Following the DBS check of course, I had to wait for the project’s admin procedures but now I am just waiting till Thursday to start working out exactly how the practicalities of doing this work will happen.

Waiting is also necessary as an Aromatherapist – it s rare for a client to resolve a problem that has been present for months or years with a single session. Also many clients have aromatherapy as maintenance in addition to exercise, good diet and other things they do to maintain good health. That is not to say clients don’t normally experience benefit from the first session. They do but to fully resolve any issue, physical or psychological requires time for the body and or mind to adjust.img_1606