As a practitioner, it is very satisfying when a client books as the result of a recommendation by another client. Likewise when a client tells others how wonderful their treatment was.

Both of these joys came to me today, though one was dampened by a later call to cancel due to the potential client being in hospital with the headache I was going to see the client for.

I hope that I might see this client at some point in the future but if the headache really required hospital admission, it is highly likely that this is what I would have told them, given that I have experience as a general nurse including some time working in accident and emergency departments in the past.

It is important that those in complementary medicine do not attempt to treat things they are not qualified for as this leads to problems  for other complementary therapists, leading to a lack of trust in them as a group.

This is why I see myself as complementary rather than alternative. Yes there are times when I might have more success than allopathic medicine but that does not take away from the fact that there are many times when for all its failings (I know about them from having worked within as well as outside the system) is much better at dealing with things. The way forward to me is working together which is what I was doing this evening, when after seeing a therapist for cognitive work the client saw me for hand massage followed by head and neck massage using aromatherapy oils and said afterwards, she had never felt so relaxed before.