Here Now

Here Now is the project I have started spending one evening a week at working with adolescents to help keep them from presenting at accident and emergency with self harm.

I wasn’t involved in the choice of the name for the project but the name seems very apt to me. I was particularly struck when a young adult asked about the name and a staff member answered, “You are, ‘Here Now.'”

The name also fits with the idea of mindfulness which very rightly in my opinion has gained a great deal of credence in the psychotherapy world over recent years. I encourage my clients, both at the project and elsewhere to be mindful during a massage. To notice what the effect of my massage is on their body. I don’t go as far as reciting the mantra that that if they notice their attention has moved away from that to notice it and bring their attention back again.

In fact I like the name so much that I wish I had thought about it for my practice –

Here Now – Massage and Aromatherapy.