Sunshine and Heat.

After a few days when temperatures have topped 30C it is not surprising that some of us are feeling the heat. Coconut oil is liquid at room temperature so I don’t need to warm it prior to doing a massage and I don’t need any heating in the room either! Both rarities in my experience!

This does mean we need to look after ourselves. As those who have read all my blog posts will know, I warn client not to spend time in the sun for 12 hours after massage using citrus and a few other oils. I give this advice and mention sun beds as well even in winter and also see it as an opportunity to educate clients in the home use of oils. I have not seen the results of time in the sun after using citrus oils (suitably diluted in carrier oils) on the skin. I hope I never do! If I do I hope it is not any of my clients because that would mean I had not done my job in conveying the risks.

This week a client on being told of the action of these oils asked, “So I can use them to get a tan then?”

No NO NO! These oils can cause severe blistering. It is not worth the risk. I tell this to my clients from ethnic groups with dark skin as well – they are not immune.

Keep safe and do not risk spending time in the sun after using these oils on your skin. Cover up or use a sun screen with protection factor 50 or above. And drink plenty of water. Dehydration will not cause sunburn but if it happens it will exacerbate it.