Working with Young Adults

I love working with this age group. I did so for the best part of thirty years as a mental health nurse and now am loving working with this age group as an aromatherapist. Before all the parents with difficult teenagers start commenting on my post, I will admit that there can be times it is very stressful! I also know that in some ways I had it easy – parents have to take them back after the session or on discharge from an in-patient unit and as a nurse, I could always hand them over at the end of a shift (or double shift on occasion!)

Today, something I loved was the feedback I got from a young client who suffers from depression and anxiety. “It feels really nice but weird.” She was able to go a bit deeper than that after I asked a couple of questions and explained that what she could feel seemed a lot more complex than the movement of my hands on her arm appeared. She could still feel where my thumbs or fingers had been after they had moved on creating this feeling of complexity.

I would guess that those from a  Neuro-Linguistic Programming background would say that this paradox is creating a trance state which enables the mind to make changes that it can’t in an ordinary state.

While I have had some very good and informative feedback from adults, somehow this and her other words had a depth to it that I will take away and ponder.