Having an allotment I was truly grateful for yesterday’s rain. It means I have at least a few days without having to water outside. But that is not the reason for this post, rather it is an article I was alerted to in an email earlier today.

The article describes a technique in which essential oils are dropped directly onto the skin from a height of about 5 inches. Please do not ever do this! Most times this may well produce no reaction but some people will be more sensitive and come up in severe blisters. Do not put neat essential oils directly on the skin.

The article also states that IFPA, insures practitioners using this technique. Aside from the fact that IFPA does not insure practitioners themselves but does have links with insurance company Balens who insure most UK members at least, Most if not all schools registered with IFPA specifically warn against using undiluted oils on the skin. Even if my own opinion was that this technique was safe, I would not use it knowing that if something went wrong I may well not have the support of my professional association.