The Myth of Government Commitment to Mental Health

I listened to File on Four on radio4 yesterday evening and was reminded of just how underfunded mental health services are in the NHS. What was discussed was how  all too often, acute services are having to think hard about how to say that an individual person does not need to be admitted to an acute in-patient ward. All too often this is when the individual clearly does need admission but there are no beds available and there are probably three others competing for the non-existent bed space.

At least one patient is believed by her family to be dead now because of this chronic underfunding and the lack of ring fencing for mental health services.

The one area where funding has been ring fenced is the, “Access to Psychological Therapies ” service but even there many patients find that their condition has worsened significantly by the time they see someone. Some of these inevitably will go on to require in-patient work because of the delay.

I listened with great sadness to this programme, knowing that many of my former colleagues in the mental health system are suffering because of this. Every one of these ex-colleagues is dedicated and has on several occasions gone far and away beyond the call of duty in supporting a system that does not give them the resources to do the job in the way they would wish.

This is perhaps why so many of my clients do come for psychological reasons. Some have specifically said it is because they have struggled to get the attention they need from the NHS system. I bring not only my skills in choosing with my clients oils to treat their psychological and physical complaints but also my counselling and therapy skills from my time working in mental health.

This lack of resources was again emphasised in Woman’s Hour this morning which looked at eating disorders – an area where even with my experience in the field I would insist on some liaison with the GP at least to ensure I am not doing anything contrary to the care plan in place. In these cases I also reduce the dosage of essential oils to a paediatric dose.

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