Dealing with Distress

Maybe seven or eight times a year, I get a client who comes to me because they are in acute distress. I am not talking about clients with a psychiatric diagnosis but rather those who have suffered a break up of a relationship, a bereavement or some other major life event which has left them in an extremely vulnerable state.

Often these clients blame themselves for the state they are in despite evidence to the contrary.

What and I offer with aromatherapy for these clients? Firstly, I can listen and empathise with them. They don’t need to be told that they are being stupid or that they should just get over it. I can listen and not be overwhelmed by their distress.

Only then can we begin to think together about how massage and aromatherapy can make a difference. Often these clients report to me that they have had the first good night’s sleep in days or weeks after their appointment. Oils that help them to be grounded such as Frankincense or Vetiver are important as are uplifting oils like Bergamot, Pine or Bitter Orange. Where there is emotional healing I will often use Rose or Jasmine.

When it comes to the massage it will usually be a nurturing one rather than a deep tissue  or sports type massage. Feeling cared for and valued is vital at these times. Clients can talk or not, cry or not, sleep or not during the massage. There is no right or wrong, it is what they need at the time.