Recently, I have been impressed an honoured by the level of trust some clients have shown in sharing their distress with me. They have displayed an honesty and openness that makes me really want to go the extra mile for them and because of what they tell me I am able to understand far more about not just the obvious cause of their distress but the patterns that have led to that cause having the level of effect it does.

This honesty and openness of course helps me in choosing the oils to use and guides me in exactly what style of massage to use too, though with new clients I still ask them to feed back on their experiences and anything they particularly enjoy or would rather I did less of.

In the same way I have to be honest with my clients about my own thoughts and observations, at the same time I might sometimes have to ensure I phrase things in a way that will not be misunderstood. (Actually this last hasn’t happened in any of the recent cases.)

With these clients I like to follow up and find out how they are following the treatment so will usually email or text the next day. This helps me to think about strategies for the next appointment if there is one. I have to think about how to find the right balance between ensuring they feel looked after and being a nuisance. With this in mind, I always ask clients if they mind this before they leave the appointment if there is any doubt.