Love your body!

About half of the clients I see are not happy with their bodies. At least three say there is something wrong with their feet. Some think breasts are too big or too small. Others think they are too tall or too short etc.

I am not talking here about those who want to lose excess weight but rather those who have difficulty accepting that various aspects of their body are normal and that there is nothing wrong with them.

I thought this was particularly well illustrated by one of those who does not like their feet. On a little bit of questioning, it became apparent that part of this was because she really struggles to get shoes that really fit well.  I commented that she would get annoyed with her feet rather than at the shoe manufacturers. I also said that she would just have to get a job where she earned enough money to buy hand made shoes!

The other thing that a lot of clients do is to  apologise for various bits of their bodies as if somehow I will disapprove of them.  Inevitably the problem is only in their mind and not in anything intrinsically wrong with their bodies.

For these clients, I see one of the main functions of massage and aromatherapy as something that enables them to enjoy their bodies and the sensations they get from it. I also see it as a way of giving them permission to do this in a way that they struggle to do on their own. A few of these clients will have  other serious psychological problems that their body image is just a small part of. With others it is more of a niggle for them and doesn’t have any major impact on their lives.

So if you really struggle to love your body, why not book an aromatherapy massage.

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