Aromatherapy’s proper orientation and responsible use


The postings below show that aromatherapy has indeed some impact on people’s treatment, either if they have a serious disease like cancer or need to reduce their stress level. However, aromatherapy itself doesn’t work out alone if there’s no proper orientation involved. And it can be harmful if not well used.

Lis-Balchin, from the School of Applied Science at South Bank University (UK) gives this clear instruction. She’s not the only one to recommend so. Everything that tends to become popular suffers from an immediate lack of control. Hence the need of an FDA for instance.  It’s amazing to think that in countries where self-medication is so popular like the  USCanada and the UK figures for chronicle pain reaches GDP levels, like the US$ 70 billion spent every year in the US alone. Aromatherapy is still far from becoming a frequently used treatment in hospitals, but bit…

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