London Permaculture Festival

Yesterday, I attended the London Permaculture Festival and really enjoyed it having missed last years event as I was travelling on that day. As usual, spent money on books and attended four of the workshops/sessions as well as catching up with one of my fellow students from my permaculture design course. There was the usual issue of some of the workshops I would have liked to attend clashing.

First workshop was with Maddy Harland from Permaculture magazine, This was looking at what needs to happen to tackle climate change and where most difference could be made. I was particularly struck by the information from the drawdown project which ranked the top one hundred solutions and that educating girls was number 6 in the list and if combined with giving women control over their own fertility, came up to the top slot!

The moral for me on this one is that we do really need to look at the research on these things and not jump into pumping money all the money into production of green energy etc.

Another session I enjoyed was on permaculture livelihoods, where I was reminded of some things that I need to do to make my business more viable and I enjoyed the enthusiasm of a fellow attendee whom I was paired with.

Community Gardens was also really interesting and the comparison between some of the places discussed and the white middle class bubble of Cambridge’s community gardens was very clear to me!

I am looking forward to moving on to the next step of having a Permaculture Design Course running here in Cambridge.