Hidden illness.

I was looking at some of my notes the other day and struck how few of my clients would seem to have any problems to those around them if they did not speak of these problems. Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, grief, PTSD and many others. A few clients come for regular sessions just in order to maintain their health and don’t have any formal health issues.

For some of those with illnesses where there is nothing obvious to the casual observer they have suffered for years with not being believed, indeed some still suffer from that despite now having medical recognition of their problems.

Irrespective of the cause of the reasons a client comes to me, I always believe that they come with a real need, often one that is not met by the conventional medical system. That does not mean they don’t need that as well, in some cases far from it but they do need the nurturing and caring that goes with an aromatherapy massage. I regularly find myself choosing oils for their nurturing qualities as well as the ones that might help in some small way with the medical diagnosis the client has. This nurturing and recognition of their need will often make more difference than the work that is directly related to the condition.

If you want a consultation and treatment where you will be believed, please contact me.

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