Bay Laurel: The Noble Protector and Conqueror.

Hiraeth spiritual

Bay laurel, also known as ‘bay leaf’, comes from the Latin  ‘Laurus’  meaning “verdant” and  ‘nobilis’  meaning noble, or of high rank.  Its importance goes back to ancient Greece and, till this very day, Bay Laurel in Greek is known as ‘Daphni’, named after a nymph who was turned into a Bay Laurel tree as a protection measure to avoid the persistent advances of the God Apollo. For this reason the tree was, and still is sacred to Apollo and the Oracles at his temples, such as Delphi, chewed on its leaves and inhaled its smoke to see visions and deliver their messages. Because the nymph was transformed into a Bay Laurel tree in order to protect herself, the plant has been considered and used as a form of protection. Wearing a laurel wreath, placing one at the entrance of one’s homes, or planting two…

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