Staying Centred.

Sometimes (all right quite often or even most of the time) it seems like I am rushing to make sure everything I need to do gets done. Bees need checking, honey extracting and kitchen cleaned up before tenant gets home, things need watering etc etc.

Then, when I have a client, it somehow enables me to slow down. I listen to what has been happening in their life, whether hectic, painful or just in need of change. I focus on their needs. What do they want from today’s Aromatherapy Massage?

We choose oils in a collaborative process involving my training, experience and instincts along with their preferences, likes and dislikes. Then, as I do the massage, it becomes almost a meditation albeit occasionally a very vigorous one if the client is a sports person who needs that type of massage rather than a more calming one. I pay attention to the tensions I notice as well as anything the client feeds back to me via gasps, relaxing more deeply, changing their breathing pattern or of course by saying something.

Many clients  fall asleep during the sessions, one (that I know of) actively works on being mindful of the part of the body I am working on as do I.

Some clients only come when they are desperate for help, others come regularly to try and avoid getting into that position. With the latter, I learn more with each visit and depending on their circumstances that day, I might change the oils slightly or vary the massage to concentrate more on one area or another.

Whatever the details, the key to my giving a good massage is staying centred which is why I always aim to have at least five minutes in the room before the massage to just ensure I am as ready as the room is.04