What happens between appointments?

I have a few clients whom I see weekly and knowing that they really value the sessions, I often talk with these clients about what can help them manage between appointments. With some, I give them a jar with some of the blend I use for the massage so that they can apply it themselves if they feel a bit wobbly. (At the moment these clients are all ones whom I see primarily for psychological reasons. I will do the same with clients who have physical issues as well.)

One client is going on holiday abroad for the first time in many years and this involves flying on a plane. She plans on using the blend for this and for any other times when she may feel stressed over the time she is away from the support she gets while in UK.

I know a number of clients who have taken away some of the blend used have found it helpful with sleep problems.

The important thing to take from this is that aromatherapy is not just about the massage.

Some clients take away a custom made pot of skin balm made using their blend of essential oils, organic olive oil and beeswax from my won bees.