Back in action!

On Saturday I arrived back after a week away in Glastonbury and then Cornwall. I am feeling much refreshed (Though my legs did have to work hard cycling on those Cornish hills!) and ready to see clients again.

Taking a break is important for all of us, especially anyone involved in caring for others be that professionally, out of a sense of duty, or just because we care about the person involved.

For me, as part of that break, some connection with nature has to be involved and part of that was the near constant Cornish Mizzle or mist/rain that was present much of the time. Despite that I enjoyed my time there and would not hesitate to go again.

This connection with nature is also a large part of why I chose aromatherapy when I took early retirement from nursing.   The different aromas are evocative of the plants and where they grow which adds to their psychological effect on top of the effects they have which are based more on the interaction between the chemicals they contain and our physiology.

So  if  you are in need of a break but can’t get away or possibly just want to treat yourself before returning to work after a break do get in touch. or phone 07939273569