Solar Power.

As I write, there are lots of mini rainbows dancing around my room from a crystal that is refracting the evening sunlight. Not because I have  any great belief in the healing powers of crystals but because I just happen to like the effect.

What I do believe in is the ability of plants to take the power of the sun and transform it into powerful healing substances. They need the right balance of minerals in the soil, temperature and moisture conditions to do this of course and each of the species that I am referring to produces different healing substances.

Feverfew and Willow both produce salicylic acid, which is very close to Aspirin. Foxglove produces Digoxin and this was used by herbailists in the days before this heart drug was synthesised.

There are of course far more herbs and essential oils than I could name. Even restricting myself to the UK, there are many I do not know about. I would like to see  some of these substances used more, particularly essential oils which when used in a vapouriser or in massage are very safe to use.

But do not be fooled. Natural does not mean safe. Even essential oils can prove fatal if used undiluted and taken internally. There are also many herbs that it is possible to overdose with or which can combine with conventional medical substances to either negate their effect or greatly amplify it including their side effects.

I am not saying do not use herbs or essential oils on your own but do read the warnings on labels and with herbs that you collect yourself or which come without instructions, make sure they come from a trusted source and that you look up their effects and interactions if you are taking any medication that might possibly be affected by them. (Don’t take willow barek or feverfew along with asprin or Ibuprofen etc.)