Ninety minutes?

Some are surprised when I tell them that an appointment for an aromatherapy massage will be ninety minutes and yet, that time seems to me to be the absolute minimum for a full body massage when it is a first appointment and even for subsequent sessions, I could easily take that long.

When I did my case studies as part of my massage and aromatherapy training with ITHMA it was normal to spend half an hour on the back, half an hour on the legs and then half an hour on the abdomen, arms neck and shoulders, face and head. In an hour’s appointment, I don’t feel I can do justice to all of the above and still allow some consultation time along with time for my client to get undressed before the treatment and dressed again afterwards.

I wonder which parts of a massage could I do without? My legs have to take the weight of my body for much of the day so they have to stay. My back has to cope with not just working doing massage but sitting in front of a computer, working on the allotment and much more so no question about that either. My hands and arms are such an integral part of my work they certainly need looking after! Neck and shoulders too. The abdomen contains all the core muscles that are so important in looking after our backs. For me they have to stay too.

So, if I am receiving a massage, I have to have the full works so why should my clients get any less?