Back to School.

In the next few days, many will be returning to school, some will after exam results be looking forward to going to university and some will be somewhere in the process leading up to that named UCCAS. in my day that meant  posting letters etc. to universities rather than visiting a website. I don’t know how much quicker the process is than then or ow much more complicated given the vast increase in the number of universities since then.

What I do know is that some parents will be really looking forward to a break after the school holidays,  others worried about the stress and problems that will come with the school term. I expect more will be attending the here Now project in Huntingdon which aims to reduce attendance at accident and emergency with self harm.

This coming weekend, I will be going back to school in a sense myself as I attend workshops at the IFPA conference. (Last time I looked there were still a few places left for the Sunday sessions. Well worth attending.)

Increasing my knowledge from those such as Robert Tisserand, the world’s leading expert on essential oil safety and learning from the work of others  is a vital part of my professional life and something I need to do to keep up my registration with IFPA but more importantly something I do to improve the standard of my own practice and increase my repertoire of skills.

So, if you are in need of some time, just for you, at the start of the new term be that because of  parental responsibilities, your own stress levels in education at whatever level or for any other reason, why not contact me and find out if my learning can help you.

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