Looking after myself.

There are  many ways we can look after ourselves and  while it will come as no surprise that I advocate regular aromatherapy massages as part of looking after ourselves, there is much more that we can do.

An appropriate level of exercise and good diet are probably the two most important things we can do that I do not have a vested interest in. Exercise can be anything from the circus skills I used to take part in regularly to running, cycling or the gym. Anyone with back problems I will usually suggest Pilates as good core muscles can really help protect the back.

With diet, I like to ensure that I can trust the food I eat. That means that the majority of fruit and veg is home produced from the garden or allotment. Meat, cheese and dairy produce is organic or free range from trusted sources. (Some of these actually have higher standards than the minimum organic standard but certification would increase the price.)

Above all, the fruit and veg should be fresh as the vitamin content starts to drop, the moment it is picked with much of this produce. An added incentive to have produce that is really fresh is the improved flavour. Also many organic farmers grow varieties where flavour is the main consideration whereas a lot of supermarket produce is varieties chosen for shelf life.

With that in mind, today I have been pressing apples from our garden for juice and of course sampling the produce.

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