Pain Relief from Aromatherapy and more!

Fresh from the IFPA conference I am struck by how much there is to learn about the subject of Transient Receptor Potential Channels and how relevant it is to pain relief. Robert Tisserand’s lecture today went some way to explaining in pharmacological terms why essential oils work for pain relief and indeed for treating anxiety and a number of other conditions.

These receptors which all nerve cells in the body have have four states: Resting, open, desensitised and blocked Essential oils can relieve pain either by changing the state of the receptor from open to blocked or by triggering it to open and then desensitising it.

We also looked at how some combinations of oils work in a synergistic fashion  which makes a blend using two or more of these oils much more effective than would be expected from merely adding the effects and dividing by two, (assuming a blend of equal proportions of two oils.”

Other presentations over the weekend looked at the work done on earthquake relief in Tahiti, The use of essential oils in schools with pupils with behavioural difficulties, essential oils safety and the use of aromatherapy in palliative care which included a wonderful quote from 1908!

“No single therapeutic agent can be compared in efficacy with this familiar but perfect tool!… The Human Hand. If half as much research had been expended upon the principles governing manual treatment as upon pharmacology, the hand would be esteemed today on a par with drugs in acceptability and power.”

J Madison Taylor MD 1908