Natural Cycles – Autumn

I see Aromatherapy as a way of working with nature and natural cycles.  This means, seasons, times of day,  sleep, menstruation and all of our bodies other natural cycles. This means when they are disrupted as in when emotional distress causes lack of sleep, I will use massage and essential oils to try and gently bring  these cycles back to where they should be as opposed to some medications such as benzodiazepines, that attempt to force a change whether or not it matches the natural cycle. A similar approach applies when I work with menstrual difficulties – rather than giving a tablet that in many cases stops menstruation, is use oils such as Rose or Clary Sage that  help to harmonise menstruation and reduce pain if present.

As we move from Summer to Autumn, as well as noticing the shortening evenings, I am noticing the changing colours of leaves, and the ripening of apples – this has happened much earlier this year than the past several seasons so I am pressing apple juice from those varieties that do not store well and from damaged fruit after cutting out the bad bits. I see  consuming natures goodness in season as an important part of working with her cycles and that means being ready to change with the climate, even if that is being distorted by man pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

That said, this year has  seen a very good harvest from the allotment and the bees have done well also.

Essential oils are also  part of nature and the one I shall be harvesting soon is chilli oil though primarily for culinary rather than therapeutic use!