Natural skincare with Essential Oils

All About Essential Oils

With so much press about chemicals in the food we eat, it’s no surprise that what we put on our skin is becoming just as important.  If you read the ingredients to your favourite cleanser, toner or moisturiser you may be shocked to see just how many chemicals there are.  All of these chemicals are absorbed straight into our bodies and who know’s what harm they may cause ?

Many people are now looking for natural alternatives and although some shops are able to supply some natural products, alot of them still have preservatives, like parabens, to give them a reasonable shelf life.

You can quite easily purchase natural options, with no synthetic ingredients or chemicals, by doing a little research and shopping online.

Floral waters, also known as hydrosols, can be excellent facial toners.  Some, like Lavender and Chomomile floral waters, can actually be used as make up removers and cleansers as well.

Carrier oils, such…

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