Changing a treatment.

I would imagine that nearly all practitioners have experienced a client telling them something that makes them change if not the main focus of treatment at least some small detail of it.

This happened to me yesterday when a client I was seeing told me that she was experiencing pain from wisdom teeth breaking through. Unusual at age seventeen I know but it happens, just as some occasionally reach that age without losing all their milk teeth. (I don’t know what age the tooth fairy stops visiting at!)

Frankincense, one of the oils I was already using for anxiety has an non-inflammatory component to its action. Had I had cinnamon or clove oil to hand I would have added one of them to the blend, as it was I added Bay or Laurel as it says on the bottle! – Bay is what Laurel wreathes were actually made from for winning athletes

I then spent several minutes massaging her gums through the cheeks. This achieved considerable reduction in the pain, though of course I have no way of knowing whether the addition of Laurel to the essential oils mix made a difference or even whether all of the pain reduction was a placebo response. (In many ways, so long as there is a reduction in pain I am not that interested in the cause apart from possibly being able to repeat the process with other clients!)

If you have toothache from wisdom teeth or other cause, it is worth rubbing the gums round the area with 2-3 drops of either clove or cinnamon oil diluted in a desert spoon of olive or coconut oil, repeated every three to four hours as required.

For those receiving massage/aromatherapy, if you remember something after the treatment has strted, don’t be afraid to tell your therapist, there may well be something they can change about the treatment that will help!