Quince, The Apple of Eden?

The quince with its wonderful evocative aroma as it ripens is thought by some to be the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge in the Genesis story.

I use the quince in a number of ways, all involve enjoying its properties.

Firstly, as a desert.. TI peel them, then bake in the oven with a little white wine and honey taken from my bees earlier in the year for about an hour till completely tender. This is a rich, intense desert so a maximum of one quince per person, possibly one between two.

Clearly this isn’t going to use up all the quince on our tree which often produces over three hundred in a year so some go towards making a quince wine. This takes about 25 fruit to the gallon or 5litres if you have gone metric in your wine making!

Membrillo is another wonderful way to use them. It will keep for years and goes well with either cheese or meat dishes.

Finally we get to the aromatherapy use of the quince! Take the peel from the quince you prepared to bake, and put it in the bath where it will yield its heady, exotic perfume, better than anything you can buy in a bottle to add to the bath! If, I can ever find the essential oil, it will certainly be one that I add to my collection for therapeutic use!