Anyone who has been in therapy for any length of time will come to a point when they need to think about saying goodbye to their therapist. This can be a difficult time as it can bring up memories of goodbyes that have been less than good in the past.

In psychotherapy this is often dealt with directly by the therapist referring to previous goodbyes and at times (in my opinion) this can lead to the ending of the relationship with the therapist not really being addressed.

What is addressed even less often is the theraist’s attachment to the client. I know that when I have seen clients in a psychotherapeutic relationship there have been times when I have known that I will really miss them when they have left the unit where I was working at the time.

This is just as true of clients I see in my aromatherapy practice. If my client has shared lots of personal material during the relationship, I feel privileged to have been trusted with this information and know that I will really miss them. Sometimes we keep in touch via Facebook or other means.

Whatever happens after we stop meeting regularly, I still think about them and wonder how they are getting on. In reality the relationship never ends, just the contact. Those I have worked closely with will remain forever in my heart. This is true whether the intense contact has been for one or two sessions or regular sessions for over a year.